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Eric Barnes:
Financing Specialist & Consultant

Associated with the Cash Flow industry since the early 1980s, Eric Barnes, President and General Manager of Capital Funds Group, has achieved international proficiency as a Factoring and Equity Financing Specialist.

He currently represents many funding firms nationally, providing cash flow services for small to large sized businesses.

E. Barnes Mr. Barnes has worked professionally in the field of writing and business production for forty years, representing over 750 major corporate clients, including many Fortune 500 firms. The work included extensive liaison with the advertising, marketing and public relations personnel in the firms involved.

Mr. Barnes was also a by-line staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, wrote freelance articles for McCalls trade magazines in New York, and was a public relations consultant for several years.

In 1976, Mr. Barnes was elected to the first of three consecutive three-year terms as a Member of the National Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild. During this time he also spent three and a half years as a corporate financing and packaging consultant, guiding firms in the preparation and presentation of business and financial plans.

In the production end of the motion picture industry, Mr. Barnes served for two and a half years as Executive Producer, Press and Public Relations VP, and Senior VP for Sales, Marketing and Advertising and Executive Producer for two feature length films. His expertise in the areas of writing and press relations resulted in major national coverage for the company as well as record breaking sales for their products.

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